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Online Documentation

Users with questions about ScottPlot are encouraged to investigate the following sources:

  • ScottPlot FAQ - Answers for frequently asked questions

  • ScottPlot Cookbook - Demonstrates most ScottPlot features using source code

  • ScottPlot Demo - Addresses advanced GUI-related concepts using minimal demos with source code

  • Search GitHub Issues - Thousands of questions have been asked and you may benefit from the discussions

  • Ask AI a Question - We have a special AI trained on ScottPlot’s documentation, but many public LLMs are aware of ScottPlot and can provide helpful information.

Ask a Question

  • Creating a new GitHub Issue is the recommended way to ask questions about ScottPlot.

  • Join the ScottPlot Discord to engage in conversation related to ScottPlot, and questions are welcome!

  • Users may contact Scott directly but this form of communication is typically discouraged for general questions because sharing your question publicly allows other members of the open-source community to answer faster than I may be able to, and the public discussion may benefit others in the future who have a similar question.