How to configure ScottPlot when DPI scaling is used

Display scaling (DPI scaling) is a setting that allows the operating system to stretch a window to be larger than its original size. When a ScottPlot control is in a scaled window it could perform one of the following behaviors:

  • Stretch: The plot image (a bitmap) can be stretched larger, but this may result in blurry text.

  • Scale: The plot could increase in size (width and height), but this may result in small text.

Which behavior is used can be defined using the Configuration module in each ScottPlot control:

WpfPlot1.Configuration.DpiStretch = true; // blurry text
WpfPlot1.Configuration.DpiStretch = false; // small text

Increase Text Size

Users who want sharp and large text can disable DPI stretching and increase the size of all the fonts and lines so the plot does not appear too small. An example of this is in the ScottPlot 4.1 Cookbook: Display Scaling.