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How to Plot Data with Gaps

Scatter Plots Support Gaps with NaN

Users can place NaN inside the data arrays of scatter plots to simulate missing data. The OnNaN field must be set to Gap to add NaN support and prevent runtime exceptions. See the ScottPlot, NaN, and Infinity page for additional information.

var plt = new ScottPlot.Plot(600, 400);
var scatter1 = plt.AddScatter(xs, ys, Color.Gray);
var scatter2 = plt.AddScatter(xs, ysWithNan, Color.Black);
scatter2.OnNaN = ScottPlot.Plottable.ScatterPlot.NanBehavior.Gap;

Signal Plots

Signal plots do not support presenting data with gaps at this time.

To plot discontinuous signals, call AddSignal() multiple times.