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How to Create Custom Plot Types

ScottPlot comes with dozens of plot types (bar, scatter, pie, etc.), but users can create their own to achieve full control over styling and behavior. Custom plot types can be created and added to plots without having to modify ScottPlot’s source code. Custom plot types implement IPlottable and have a Render() method which holds logic for drawing on the Plot.


This custom plot type is like a scatter plot but it draws points as large circles colored like a rainbow:

class RainbowPlot : IPlottable
    // data and customization options
    double[] Xs { get; }
    double[] Ys { get; }
    public float Radius { get; set; } = 10;
    IColormap Colormap { get; set; } = new ScottPlot.Colormaps.Turbo();

    // items required by IPlottable
    public bool IsVisible { get; set; } = true;
    public IAxes Axes { get; set; } = new Axes();
    public IEnumerable<LegendItem> LegendItems => LegendItem.None;
    public AxisLimits GetAxisLimits() => new(Xs.Min(), Xs.Max(), Ys.Min(), Ys.Max());

    public RainbowPlot(double[] xs, double[] ys) { Xs = xs; Ys = ys; }

    public void Render(RenderPack rp)
        FillStyle FillStyle = new();
        using SKPaint paint = new();
        for (int i = 0; i < Xs.Length; i++)
            // convert coordinate location to screen location
            Coordinates centerCoordinates = new(Xs[i], Ys[i]);
            Pixel centerPixel = Axes.GetPixel(centerCoordinates);

            // draw the colored circle
            FillStyle.Color = Colormap.GetColor(i / (Xs.Length - 1.0));
            ScottPlot.Drawing.DrawCircle(rp.Canvas, centerPixel, Radius, FillStyle, paint);

A custom plot typ can be instantiated and added to the plot:

// instantiate the custom plottable
double[] xs = ScottPlot.Generate.Consecutive(20);
double[] ys = ScottPlot.Generate.Sin(20);
RainbowPlot rainbowPlot = new(xs, ys);

// add it to the plot

See the ScottPlot Demo for full additional resources.

The official plot types are a useful reference

Learn more about how plottables are commonly constructed by inspecting the code behind the simplest plot types distributed with ScottPlot. We recommend looking in ScottPlot’s GitHub repository to review source code for simple types like Text, Rectangle, Line, and Arrow.