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User Control Advanced Configuration

ScottPlot user controls have a Plot object you’re probably familiar with, but they also have a Configuration object which lets users modify the default behavior of user controls. Options in this configuration object are typically related to user interaction, such as whether scroll-wheel-zoom is enabled, or left-click-pan is allowed.

A full list of configuration options can be seen here: ScottPlot/Control/Configuration.cs but the most common customizations include:

  • Prevent the mouse from zooming or panning
  • Disable left-click-drag panning
  • Disable right-click-drag zooming
  • Disable the middle-click-drag zoom window function
  • Always draw anti-aliased plots to increase performance
  • Adjust the middle-click auto-axis margins
  • Lock the vertical or horizontal axes
  • Use a non-UI-thread blocking render queue
  • Change DPI scaling options