Axis Styles, axis limits, and multiple axes in ScottPlot

This page summarizes how axes are customized in ScottPlot

Axis Labels, Ticks, Lines, and Grid

  • An axis displays information on one edge of a plot

  • The axis label is the title displayed on an axis

  • Tick marks are small lines drawn on the figure outside the data area

  • Tick labels can be displayed for each tick mark

  • Grid lines are lines at each tick mark drawn on the data area

  • Axis lines are single lines drawn on the edge of the axis. Axis lines of the four primary axes form a rectangle that outlines the data area.

  • Axes have major ticks and minor ticks. The default behavior is that both display axis lines and tick marks, but only major ticks display tick labels and grid lines.

Primary, Secondary, and Additional Axes

  • Plots have 4 axes by default (2 primary, 2 secondary)

  • Primary axes on the bottom (Plot.XAxis) and left (Plot.YAxis) are fully visible by default

  • Secondary axes on the top (Plot.XAxis2) and right (Plot.YAxis2) only display axis lines by default

  • The Title of a plot is just the axis label of the top axis (Plot.XAxis2)

  • Additional axes can be added with Plot.AddAxis()

Axis Limits

  • SetAxisLimits() manually defines limits for the primary axes

  • AxisAuto() automatically adjusts primary axis limits to fit visible data

  • GetAxisLimits() returns current limits for the primary axes

  • SetOuterViewLimits() and SetInnerViewLimits() can be used to ensure the user does not zoom out or zoom in farther than intended

Multiple Axes

ScottPlot supports multiple X and Y axes. This topic is covered in the Multi-Axis FAQ page.