Tick mark customization and creation of multi-Axis plots

This page is part of the ScottPlot 5.0 Cookbook


Additional axes may be added to plots. Plottables are displayed using the coordinate system of the primary axes by default, but any plottable can be displayed using any X and Y axis.

ScottPlot.Plot myPlot = new();

// plottables use the standard X and Y axes by default
var sig1 = myPlot.Add.Signal(Generate.Sin(51, mult: 0.01));
sig1.Axes.XAxis = myPlot.XAxis; // standard X axis
sig1.Axes.YAxis = myPlot.YAxis; // standard Y axis
myPlot.YAxis.Label.Text = "Primary Y Axis";

// create a second axis and add it to the plot
ScottPlot.AxisPanels.LeftAxis yAxis2 = new();

// add a new plottable and tell it to use the custom Y axis
var sig2 = myPlot.Add.Signal(Generate.Cos(51, mult: 100));
sig2.Axes.XAxis = myPlot.XAxis; // standard X axis
sig2.Axes.YAxis = yAxis2; // custom Y axis
yAxis2.Label.Text = "Secondary Y Axis";