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Population Box Values

The values displayed by the box midline, body, and whisker can be configured by assigning a static function to the box value configuration property.

This code sample is specific to ScottPlot 5 (details)
ScottPlot.Plot myPlot = new();

for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
    double[] values = Generate.RandomNormal(10, mean: 3 + i);
    var pop = myPlot.Add.Population(values, x: i);
    pop.Bar.IsVisible = false;
    pop.Box.IsVisible = true;

    pop.BoxValueConfig = PopulationSymbol.BoxValueConfigurator_MeanStdErrStDev;

// refine appearance of the plot

myPlot.SavePng("demo.png", 400, 300);

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