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Right Axis

New plots have one axis on every side. Axes on the right and top are invisible by default. To use the right axis, make it visible, then tell a plottable to use it.

This code sample is specific to ScottPlot 5 (details)
ScottPlot.Plot myPlot = new();

// plot data with very different scales
var sig1 = myPlot.Add.Signal(Generate.Sin(mult: 0.01));
var sig2 = myPlot.Add.Signal(Generate.Cos(mult: 100));

// tell each signal plot to use a different axis
sig1.Axes.YAxis = myPlot.Axes.Left;
sig2.Axes.YAxis = myPlot.Axes.Right;

// add additional styling options to each axis
myPlot.Axes.Left.Label.Text = "Left Axis";
myPlot.Axes.Right.Label.Text = "Right Axis";
myPlot.Axes.Left.Label.ForeColor = sig1.Color;
myPlot.Axes.Right.Label.ForeColor = sig2.Color;

myPlot.SavePng("demo.png", 400, 300);

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