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Bollinger Bands

Tools exist for creating Bollinger Bands which display weighted moving mean and variance for time series financial data.

This code sample is specific to ScottPlot 5 (details)
ScottPlot.Plot myPlot = new();

// generate and plot time series price data
var prices = Generate.RandomOHLCs(100);

// calculate Bollinger Bands
ScottPlot.Finance.BollingerBands bb = new(prices, 20);

// display center line (mean) as a solid line
var sp1 = myPlot.Add.Scatter(bb.Dates, bb.Means);
sp1.MarkerSize = 0;
sp1.Color = Colors.Navy;

// display upper bands (positive variance) as a dashed line
var sp2 = myPlot.Add.Scatter(bb.Dates, bb.UpperValues);
sp2.MarkerSize = 0;
sp2.Color = Colors.Navy;
sp2.LinePattern = LinePattern.Dotted;

// display lower bands (positive variance) as a dashed line
var sp3 = myPlot.Add.Scatter(bb.Dates, bb.LowerValues);
sp3.MarkerSize = 0;
sp3.Color = Colors.Navy;
sp3.LinePattern = LinePattern.Dotted;

myPlot.SavePng("demo.png", 400, 300);

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