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Log Scale Tick Marks

The apperance of logarithmic scaling can be achieved by log-scaling the data to be displayed then customizing the minor ticks and grid.

This code sample is specific to ScottPlot 5 (details)
ScottPlot.Plot myPlot = new();

// start with original data
double[] xs = Generate.Consecutive(100);
double[] ys = Generate.NoisyExponential(100);

// log-scale the data and account for negative values
double[] logYs = ys.Select(Math.Log10).ToArray();

// add log-scaled data to th eplot
var sp = myPlot.Add.Scatter(xs, logYs);
sp.LineWidth = 0;

// create a minor tick generator that places log-distributed minor ticks
ScottPlot.TickGenerators.LogMinorTickGenerator minorTickGen = new();

// create a numeric tick generator that uses our custom minor tick generator
ScottPlot.TickGenerators.NumericAutomatic tickGen = new();
tickGen.MinorTickGenerator = minorTickGen;

// create a custom tick formatter to set the label text for each tick
static string LogTickLabelFormatter(double y) => $"{Math.Pow(10, y):N0}";

// tell our major tick generator to only show major ticks that are whole integers
tickGen.IntegerTicksOnly = true;

// tell our custom tick generator to use our new label formatter
tickGen.LabelFormatter = LogTickLabelFormatter;

// tell the left axis to use our custom tick generator
myPlot.Axes.Left.TickGenerator = tickGen;

// show grid lines for minor ticks
myPlot.Grid.MajorLineColor = Colors.Black.WithOpacity(.15);
myPlot.Grid.MinorLineColor = Colors.Black.WithOpacity(.05);
myPlot.Grid.MinorLineWidth = 1;

myPlot.SavePng("demo.png", 400, 300);

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