An Annotation is a text label that is placed on the plot in pixel space (not in coordinate space like a Text object).
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Figure Annotations

Annotations are labels placed at a X/Y location on the figure (not coordinates of the data area). Unlike the Text plottable, annotations do not move as the axes are adjusted.

var plt = new ScottPlot.Plot(600, 400);

double[] xs = DataGen.Range(0, 5, .1);
plt.AddScatter(xs, DataGen.Sin(xs));
plt.AddScatter(xs, DataGen.Cos(xs));

// default placement is upper left
plt.AddAnnotation("Top Left", 10, 10);

// negative coordinates can be used to place text along different edges
plt.AddAnnotation("Lower Left", 10, -10);
plt.AddAnnotation("Top Right", -10, 10);
plt.AddAnnotation("Lower Right", -10, -10);

// Additional customizations are available
var fancy = plt.AddAnnotation("Fancy Annotation", 10, 40);
fancy.Font.Size = 24;
fancy.Font.Name = "Impact";
fancy.Font.Color = Color.Red;
fancy.Shadow = false;
fancy.BackgroundColor = Color.FromArgb(25, Color.Blue);
fancy.BorderWidth = 2;
fancy.BorderColor = Color.Magenta;