A legend is a key used to label lines and markers.
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Legend Quickstart

Add labels to plot items, then enable the legend to display a key in the corner of the data area.

var plt = new ScottPlot.Plot(600, 400);

// add a label using the helper methods
plt.AddSignal(Generate.Sin(), label: "sin");

// or add a label manually
var sig2 = plt.AddSignal(Generate.Cos());
sig2.Label = "Second Label";

// enable the legend


Legend Location

Legends can be placed at various locations within the plot area

var plt = new ScottPlot.Plot(600, 400);

plt.AddSignal(Generate.Sin(), label: "sin");
plt.AddSignal(Generate.Cos(), label: "cos");

var legend = plt.Legend();
legend.Location = Alignment.UpperCenter;


Legend Orientation

Legends can be customized to support horizontal orientation

var plt = new ScottPlot.Plot(600, 400);

plt.AddSignal(DataGen.Sin(51), label: "sin");
plt.AddSignal(DataGen.Cos(51), label: "cos");

var legend = plt.Legend(enable: true);
legend.Orientation = Orientation.Horizontal;